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What’s on what we eat?

Monday, August 19th, 2013….html

If you’re not eating organic, you may be getting more than you asked for. Certain foods have the ability to soak up pollutants, which end up stressing our liver and more.

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Shoulder restrictions

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Shoulder restrictions are the results of falls (acute trauma), flawed weight lifting technique (chronic postural/ overuse issues), and are affected by visceral connective tissue like pleural adhesions, and the connective tissue around the liver and kidney.

Solving motion restrictions in the body include working at the joint (a more traditional physical therapy approach), and looking beyond the immediate joint to a more global whole body practice. For instance easing the connective tissue around the gall bladder that pulls on C4 or the liver or kidney ligamenture may be called for.

Yes release the cervical or other neural inflammation sources in the brachial plexus. Balance the glenoid humeral joint space pec minor, teres. Do post isometric release for the trigger points in the trapezius, teres, tricep, pec. Yes relax the tight short stuff first and then get sensorimotor training, like train-up the lower trapezius and deltoid. And take a look at any thoracic and abdominal visceral restrictions.