Rolfing® Structural Integration

First Eval and Treat Session, 90 min: $180; subsequent Rolfing® 60 min. $135

Series of 10/12/14 session paid in advance package: 10% off

Rolfing® Movement Sessions $100/session $450/5 pack

Integrative Manual Therapy:

Precise gentle Organ Specific Osteopathic manual therapy for complex physical issues to alleviate pain, restore function, and promote health and well being. Will include the techniques to address your issues with specificity and precision – Myofascial, CranioSacral, Visceral, Neural, Meningeal, Traumawork, Lymphatic Drainage, Brain Structure and most importantly Barral Listening Techniques.

First session, Eval and treatment 1.5 hours $180
Following sessions 60 minutes $120, or 90 minutes $180

Package price for 10, 12, 14 sessions package 10% off 6 month expiration, paid up front.

Physical Therapy Discount/ With Dr’s perscription $110/single hour (after first Evaluation) $1000/10 (60 min) $1300/10 (75 min)package $1500/10 (90 min)package. Packages are paid up front, 3 month expiration.

INSURANCE: I do not take insurance, NOR do insurance billing. If you ask in advance I will give you a receipt for your insurance.

Children and Infants $85/60 min.

Visceral/Vascular Manipulation

First session, Eval and treatment 1.5 hours $180
Following sessions 60 minutes $120, or 90 minutes $180

10 series package 10% off /session

Fitness Programs

One on One Training: Pilates based or Interval

First session to set up an individualized Home Exercise Program $120
Singles $100.
3/week $780/$70@    2/week $600/$80@    1/week $450/90

Other Wellness Services

MELT Method

Initial Evaluation and Session (90 minutes) $120

1x/wk:  $95    60 minutes
2x/wk:  $85    60 minutes
3x/wk:  $75    60 minutes


Single Session (90 minutes) $120
Single Session (60 minutes) $80

5 pack   $375    3 month expiry
10 pack  $700    6 month expiry

Wellness Coaching:

Support for anti-inflammatory diet, essential oils, Bach Flower remedies, supplements. Facilitate your healing with your personalized system to heal your injury/ issue. Match modalities to your learning style and issue/s: MELT METHOD, Fascial Fitness  Pilates, Home program, Caretaker training, scripts for EFT work, hypnosis for pain relief, anxiety. Tools for Healing. $120/hr

Minimum 24 hours notice required for cancellation or rescheduling of all appointments or payment is due in full

All levels:beginner to ‘Big Dog’