Rolfing® Structural Integration

First Eval and Treat Session, 90 min: $150; subsequent Rolfing® 60 min. $135

Series of 10/12/14 session paid in advance package: 10% off

Rolfing® Movement Sessions $100/session $450/5 pack

Integrative Manual Therapy:

may include techniques to address your issues with specificity and precision. (Myofascial, CranioSacral, Visceral, Neural, Meningeal, Traumawork, Lymphatic Drainage, Brain Structure, Barral Listening Techniques: Precise gentle Organ Specific Osteopathic manual therapy for complex physical issues to alleviate pain, restore function, and promote health and well being.)

First session, Eval and treatment 1.5 hours $150
Following sessions 60 minutes $120, 75 minutes $150, 90 minutes $180, Outcall $220

Package price for 10, 12, 14 sessions package 10% off 6 month expiration, paid up front.

Physical Therapy Discount/ With Dr’s perscription $110/single hour (after first Evaluation) $1000/10 (60 min) $1300/10 (75 min)package $1500/10 (90 min)package. Packages are paid up front, 3 month expiration.

INSURANCE: I do not take insurance, NOR do insurance billing. If you ask in advance I will give you a receipt for your insurance.

Children and Infants $85/60 min.

Visceral/Vascular Manipulation

First session, Eval and treatment 1.5 hours $180
Following sessions 60 minutes $120, 75 minutes $150, 90 minutes $180, Outcall $220

10 series package 10% off /session

Fitness Programs

One on One Training: Pilates based or Interval

First session to set up an individualized Home Exercise Program $125
Singles $100.
3/week $780/$70@    2/week $600/$80@    1/week $450/90
TRAVEL TO YOU: add $40

Other Wellness Services

MELT Method

Initial Evaluation and Session (90 minutes) $125

1x/wk:  $95    60 minutes
2x/wk:  $85    60 minutes
3x/wk:  $75    60 minutes

Travel to you $40


Single Session (90 minutes) $120
Single Session (60 minutes) $80

5 pack   $375    3 month expiry
10 pack  $700    6 month expiry

Travel to you $40

Wellness Coaching:

Support for anti-inflammatory diet, essential oils, Bach Flower remedies, supplements. Facilitate your healing with your personalized system to heal your injury/ issue. Match modalities to your learning style and issue/s: MELT METHOD, Fascial Fitness  Pilates, Home program, Caretaker training, scripts for EFT work, hypnosis for pain relief, anxiety. Tools for Healing. $180/hr

Minimum 24 hours notice required for cancellation or rescheduling of all appointments or payment is due in full

All levels:beginner to ‘Big Dog’