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Our bodies have an innate ability to self-heal, I facilitate this self-healing by releasing the restrictions of structure or dysfunction or emotion that prevent the natural restorative mechanisms from working. I offer a safe environment to support and enhance this process.

A former modern ballet soloist, I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the California Institute of the Arts. I performed and choreographed for companies in the United States and Europe since 1975 until 1989 when my injuries called me to study dance medicine rehabilitation. My new Pilates mentors included world class Motor Learning specialists, Rolfers and Physical Therapists. Starting in 2011 I began studying with the International Association of Healthcare Educators, for more specific and precise techniques of Manual Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy and Brain Structure. In January 2015 I did my first (of currently six) Instructor Trainings in the Melt Method, a remarkable way to restore fascia hydration, regain neurostrength, and prepare for performance with special foam rollers and balls. I adore Melt because my body feels like all the sand, rocks and grit are replaced with moisture and suppleness.

I was the Dance Movement Specialist member of the Shape Magazine Advisory Board, 1992-2005.
My fitness training has been seen in national and international magazines such as: ALLURE, SELF, SHAPE, and Paris VOGUE. Locally, CITY SPORTS, PARENT Magazine, and LA TIMES Health and Fitness section have featured this innovative work. LOS ANGELES magazine’s January 1998 issue chose me as one of the best Pilates teachers in Southern California. Almost 27 years of teaching and professional performance have me convinced that the body must be balanced to achieve it’s full potential.

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