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I truly enjoy and love working with people and helping them to heal. I specialize in Rolfing/Structural Integration, Fascial therapies, CranioSacral therapy, Visceral and Neural Manipulation, and Manual Articular therapy. These modalities have been instrumental in aiding my clients to improve from their acute or chronic symptoms. I have ventured into a variety of modalities and have created an eclectic practice mixing Structural Integration, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral and Neural Manipulation, Energy work together.
Our bodies have an inherent and innate ability to self-heal, I facilitate in this endeavor. I offer a safe environment to support and enhance this process. Utilizing my various skills, I help stimulate the unwinding of chronic holding patterns, trauma or stress the body carries. My clients report that this work enhances their calm state of mind, body and emotions.
It is my love of this work that has brought you to read my profile. I bring together my heart, mind and spirit to be with you on your healing journey. I invite you to call or email me for further information. I work by appointment in Los Angeles.

A former modern ballet soloist, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the California Institute of the Arts. She performed and choreographed for companies in the United States and Europe since 1975 until 1989 when she started to study dance medicine rehabilitation. Her mentors include Jean Claude West (M.S. Motor Learning from Columbia University) and Marika Molnar (Director of Physical Therapy at the NYC Ballet), as well as Evelyn Lehner, Jan Sultan (Rolfers®). She has studied with Romana Krysanowska, Kathy Grant, Eve Gentry, Mary Anderson and Brenda Kosakov, as well as second generation Pilates teachers.

Anne was the Dance Movement Specialist member of the Shape Magazine Advisory Board, 1992-2005.

Ms. Sotelo’s fitness training has been seen in national and international magazines such as: ALLURE, SELF, SHAPE, and Paris VOGUE. Locally, CITY SPORTS, PARENT Magazine, and LA TIMES Health and Fitness section have featured her innovative work. LOS ANGELES magazine’s January 1998 issue chose Anne as one of the best Pilates teachers in Southern California. Almost 27 years of teaching and professional performance have convinced her that the body must be balanced to achieve it’s full potential.

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