10/12 series package $125/session pd in advance

Rolfing® 90 min. Single Session $135

Rolfing® Movement Sessions $100/session $450/5pack



Rolfing before and after:Posture correction through fascial tone improvement

Manual Therapy: may include Myofascial, CranioSacral, Visceral, Neural, Meningeal, Traumawork, Lymphatic Drainage, Brain Structure, Barral Listening Techniques:

*Precise gentle Organ Specific Osteopathic manual therapy for complex physical issues to alleviate pain, restore function, and promote health and well being.

First session, Eval and treatment 2 hours $150

Following sessions $135

6 series package $125/session
10 series package $120/session
other packages by arrangement

Children and Infants $85

Physical Therapy Discount: With Dr’s perscription $115/single (after first Evaluation) $900/10 package pd in advance


MASSAGE: combo, deep tissue, swedish, Aromatouch®,

Massage: One hour $90, Package of 5 $425 Package of 10 $800
additional 1/2hr $40

Travel to you $40

Only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTerra Essential oils 

EXERCISE PROGRAMS One on One Training: Pilates based or Interval

The ‘Intense’ workout for cardio, coordination, balance, strength, stretch that includes: Lite weights, Bosu, bands, pilates mat, yoga, yoga ropes, jump rope.

The Basics Workout:                                        Alignment, breathing, placement, rebuild the core from the ground up with MELT METHOD, Smart Spine technology, full compliment of Pilates equipment.

First session to set up an individualized Exercise Program $100

Singles $90.


Three session per week $780/$65@   Two sessions per week $600/$75@

TRAVEL TO YOU: add $40



You have an issue- and you need support getting into the mindset for an anti-inflammatory diet, selecting essential oils and supplements to move forward. Facilitate your healing with your personalized system to heal your injury/ issue. Get familiar with modalities and pick ones that work for you: MELT METHOD, Fascial Fitness  training, scripts for EFT work, self hypnosis for pain relief, anxiety. Get tools for Healing. $75/hr

Minimum 24 hours notice required for cancellation or rescheduling of all appointments or payment is due in full

All levels:beginner to ‘Big Dog’