10/12 series package $125/session pd in advance

Rolfing® 90 min. Single Session $135

Rolfing® Tuneups (after 10/12 series) $110

Rolfing® Movement Sessions $100/session $450/5pack



Rolfing before and after:Posture correction through fascial tone improvement

Manual Therapy: may include Myofascial, CranioSacral, Visceral, Neural, Meningeal, Traumawork, Lymphatic Drainage, Brain Structure Therapies, Barral Listening Techniques:

*Precise Gentle Organ Specific manual therapy for complex physical issues to alleviate pain, restore function, and promote health and well being.

First session, Eval and treatment 1.5 hours $135

Following sessions $125

10 series package $115/session
6 series package $120/session
other packages by arrangement

Physical Therapy Discount: With Dr’s perscription $115/single (after first Evaluation)

$1100/10 package pd in advance


MASSAGE: combo, deep tissue, swedish, Aromatouch®,

Massage: One hour $80, Package of 5 $375 Package of 10 $700
additional 1/2hr $30

Aromatouch massage, Chakra clearing Massage: Exclusively only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTerra Essential oils 

EXERCISE PROGRAMS One on One Training: Pilates based or Interval

Depending on your needs, The ‘Intense’ workout for cardio, coordination, balance, strength, stretch that includes: Lite weights, Bosu, bands, pilates mat, yoga, yoga ropes. This is for the well person.

Or a build confidence in The injury free workout atmosphere: Alignment, breathing, placement, rebuild the core from the ground up with Smart Spine technology, full compliment of Pilates equipment, yoga ropes as supportive tools. This is for the beginner or injured person.

First session to set up an individualized Exercise Program $100

Singles $90.


12/4 weeks $780/$65@, 10/ 4 weeks $700/$70@, 8/4 weeks $600/$75@

WORKOUTS AT YOUR HOME: add $20-$40 depending on your location



Your body heals with your help. You have an issue/ injury- what should you stay away from, what do you need to make sure you move forward? Get familiar with modalities that work for you: (diet, nutritional supplements, journal work, energy work, self mobilization bodywork techniques, Fascial Fitness integrative exercises, write scripts for EFT work, make CD’s for self hypnosis). This is 7 days of support for the brainwork needed to heal your injury issue. Be able to get feedback as you discover the best options to facilitate your way forward. Build a palette of tools for the one day at a time to Success. New injuries or the reactivation of an old injury. . .    Rolfing/Manual Therapy prices apply.

Minimum 24 hours notice required for cancellation or rescheduling of all appointments or payment is due in full

All levels:beginner to ‘Big Dog’